Thursday, August 10, 2006

8/10/06 Double Dose

Alright, since I didn't post anything yesterday, I'm offering a double dose today...

There's a guy who started work in the officer here a month or so ago. He hasn't really talked much. All I know is that he's originally for Yugoslavia, he fought in their military and he LOVES poker. Not like I'm into poker. This guy is CRAZY nuts about poker. The only time I got him talking was about his high stakes, no limit poker games in Vegas. In the last couple of days, the people who sit in my area started to ask, "Where is that dude?" I thought - good point. Where is he? He's been gone for a week and a half now. Turns out, his roommate called the office here yesterday asking the same question. Now everyone is beginning to speculate as to his whereabouts. The popular theory has to do with some shady, Teddy KGB-like, poker mishap. But it also got me to thinking... How long would it take for you to go missing before anyone would notice? Think about that for a minute. A day? Half a day? This guy has been missing for 10 days and FINALLY someone started asking questions. You've got to wonder if anyone has filed a missing persons report on Mr. Milosevich (yes, that is his name). Sadly, for me... I've decided it would take at least 3 days before anyone got concerned.


When we lived together, my former roommate, Mike, and I had some sort of sick obsession with "dew point". We were convinced that the real indication of the heat index was best represented by the dew point. Sadly, the dew point is going the way of the Beta Max. (Superior in quality, but appreciated by few).

While I'm talking about Mike - He and I both got ourselves ordained as ministers through the Universal Life Church in Modesto, CA back in 1995. Which gives us the ability to conduct weddings, funerals and exorcisms. Among other tremendous attributes of the church, you can now go online and absolve yourself of all of your sins in the click of a button. Mike also informed me that the church is now a monastery, making us monks. Sweet. While you're at it - Go ahead... Get yourself ordained.


Bills Gates is spending $500 million to fight viruses. I could take a cheap shot at Microsoft here, but it's very admirable.


Nice move NASA... Help fuel the fire for the conspiracy theorists and the moon landing hoax.


Ok, you know I don't like talking celebrity stuff. And I definitely wouldn't talk Suri Cruise... UNLESS... they mentioned her, the Rubik's Cube AND nachos in the same breath.

"IÂ’m sure Suri is different. Maybe a tiny sun emanates light from inside her head, filling all who see her with a sense of joy, the ability to solve any Rubik's Cube within thirty seconds, and an overwhelming craving for tasty, delicious nachos."


And who says drunk Germans are all bad?

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