Friday, August 18, 2006

8/18/06 I Started A Joke

Ok, I get it now. "Snakes on a Plane" is a comedy. Which would make it worth seeing. Right? Or is it really just a horrible looking action movie? Why am I so confused lately?

I have a new found respect for Bill Murray (not that I ever lost respect for him). "I'm basically lazy. I work really hard when I work, but I try to avoid work."

Actual headline - "Man drinks potion for good luck: doesn't get any". My inner voice says, "Man actually reads the story: Doesn't receive refund for minute of life lost."

How do you relieve stress at work? Studies show that you can lower stress by standing up on your desk and screaming.

A great article on Scott Podsednik. Headline - "Podsednik Takes Six for the Team"

I still think the whole airplane terror plot was a hoax. (I know, the few times I actually write something political I get some anonymous flame post from Ohio, so keep 'em coming.) But the whole thing just seems super fishy.

Ok, I have hidden 4 links in this post. See if you can find the common denominator of those links. (They're all safe for work).

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Cousin Jeff said...

Wow, you really hate Nickelback!