Saturday, August 19, 2006

8/19/06 Super Freak

It's not often I give movie reviews. It's probably because I go to the movies once every 3 months. (The only movies I can remember seeing this year in the theater are "Star Wars" and "Munich" - I think there's one or two more, but I seem to be losing an IQ point a day for the last 3 weeks, so there's really no way to tell anymore.) Last night became one of those rare moments where I stepped foot into a cinema. So, here's my recommendation: Go see Little Miss Sunshine. The title sounds gay, but it's not. Well, not completely. On Rotten Tomatoes, it's getting a 93% approval rating (compared to 62% for Snakes on a Plane). (Speaking of, did anybody see the Mother F*#&in snakes on the Mother F*#&in plane? How was it?) Specifically to my cousins - The movie is right up your alley.

Recently people have started asking me, "Hey, why do you hate Nickelback so much?" or "I actually kind of like one of their songs." Or they just start ignoring me to avoid the awkward ensuing Nickelback conversation. (You know, since I'm so feeble minded and I can only talk about one topic per week - By Monday I'll be finished with my Nickelback hating). You really want to know why I hate Nickelback? Really? You do? You really want to go there? Really? You're SURE you want to go there? Why do I hate Nickelback?! FINE! HERE'S WHY!

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