Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Some dude is starting a campaign that is right up my alley. He wants to remove the Caps Lock key from the keyboard. It sort of reminds me of my push to rid the world of pennies. We both believe strongly in our causes, but ultimately, nobody is really going to care.

Someone recently told me that MySpace has more daily traffic than Google. Well, it's not true... but it's getting closer. (I also learned that Yahoo has more traffic than Google).

Just because I like conspiracy stuff (and half believe that the whole Israel vs. Hezbollah thing was orchestrated by the U.S. in order to get into Iran - more on that some other day) ... An Israeli Army Chief sold off his stock portfolio just hours before the alleged kidnapping of the 2 Israeli soldiers (which kicked off this whole war in the first place). (*Correction - it happened just AFTER the kidnappings. Not before. This is why I'm not writing much lately. My mind has become a sieve as of late. I'm convinced that I'd fail the GED exam if I had to take it today. I haven't felt this retarded since (fill in a Family Guy flashback here). Until everything at work calms down, I'll just post the link that you're all sending me over email.)

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