Saturday, August 26, 2006

8/26/06 Win a Poker Lesson

Since I don't have that many real friends, I have to fill up my MySpace with fake friends. Among my "fake" friends are poker greats, Phil Gordon and Howard Lederer (I do sort of know his dad, but that doesn't really count.) Well, from MySpace, I learned that Phil Gordon is raffling off a free poker lesson.

Remember all of the cool things you thought were going to exist in the future when you were little? Like flying cars and weekend trips to outer space? Despite the rampant disappointment, it looks like one invention is just around the corner - 3D TV.

Another game - write a speech for GW.

Remember when I wrote something about how I thought the U.S. was the puppet master in the Israel and Lebanon "skirmish". Well, yeah. (Thanks to my anonymous friend who can choose to give his/her identity if he/she pleases for sending the article).

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