Tuesday, August 01, 2006

8/1/06 Titillating Poker

What's the only thing better than boobies? Playing poker with boobies. Playboy is starting its own online poker site. And speaking of boobs, I'd consider playing on their site, under the assumption that the other people playing are a bunch of yutzes.

Speaking of poker - Remember Pro Player Pete from the WSOP? Last I heard, he made it through day 1 of the main event and has somewhere around 32,500 in chips (started at 10,000). His buddy, Kelly, is also doing well with 34,000 in chips after day 1. Kelly was the "Degree All In Moment" against Brad Kondracki on the main event broadcast from 2005 on ESPN. It's bad enough busting out of the main event. It must be a million times worse having that moment broadcast and repeated on ESPN for the past 12 months. He's back with avengence.


From the "It sucks getting old" department: Instead of using Facebook or MySpace, baby boomers are logging into Eons.com. They offer free alerts when any of your friends die. How's that for exciting?


I hadn't read or thought about this in a long time. But I read T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" today.


I actually started reading my own blog a little today. It occurred to me that I've been writing a lot lately. So I did a word count of the last month - it comes out to about 450 words a day. Perhaps I'll do us all a favor and try to be less verbose, if possible.

In somewhat related news, I'm getting the feeling that my days at work are numbered. (I'm getting pretty good at spotting the tell tale signs of the "thanks for your time and effort" speech - Sign #1 is when your direct report who has to break the news to you will no longer make eye contact with you). Which may mean that I'll have LOTS more time to be spending online, doing nothing in particular, as I look for another job. I'll let you know when I find out more.

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