Saturday, August 12, 2006

8/12/06 Google Mars

Old and busted - Google Earth. New Hotness - Google Mars.


My neighbor had a little grill out type party last night in honor of our softball team's season end. (It was just an excuse to hang out on a Friday since, except for the fact that the season is over, there's really not a whole lot to celebrate). My neighbor is a good host and always has music playing at his parties. Anyways, instead of playing CDs, my neighbor sometimes puts on DVDs of concerts and music videos. The DVD started and I expected it to be the same one I had seen before of Bush. The DVD started by zooming out. First I saw a very large "LB". It continued to zoom out. "ELBA". This isn't Bush. "KELBAC". Oh, dear lord. He really has a full length concert DVD of Nickelback. Not only that, but he decided to play it. So, basically, after laughing, I had to leave. I like parties and social events. But Nickelback? Now that's just something I can't tolerate. Somebody, please, please, PLEASE explain Nickelback's following for me.


Some replay of Kobayashi and the brat eating contest was on today. The funniest part of the entire event was some commentary about Sonya Thomas, who is the female version of Kobayahsi and tends to give him a run for his money. She took 5th place and wasn't anywhere near the lead. The commentator randomly compared her to Chuck Knoblauch, saying that she had some mental barrier preventing her from performing better. (Trust me, it was way funnier on TV). The last thing I have to say is that I'm on the Joey Chestnut bandwagon. I can't wait for him to dethrone Kobayashi.

Some cool artwork.

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