Sunday, August 20, 2006

8/20/06 The Price is Right

When you used to stay home from school as a kid, what did you watch on TV in the morning? Yeah, me too. We all used to watch The Price is Right. There's no better way to feel smart, even when you're 7 years old, than to watch the contestants. I mean seriously, have you even seen Bob Barker nearly have a heart attack? "The price of the toaster uses 2 of the 3 numbers" (8 3 0). Umm... "38".


I promised that I'd be done ripping Nickelback by Monday. Since it's Sunday, I have one more shot. It looks like I found an opening act for their next concert tour. Or maybe they can invite these kids for the saddest rap battle ever. (Yes, I went YouTube crazy this morning. And neither clip has anything to do with Nickelback). Ok, here's a bonus repeat post - These guys are awesome.


My dad sends a link to the strip poker championships. Do you get the feeling that the photographer tried extra hard to take the picture from an angle that would show all 3 female participants?


I'll admit it. I've watched at least part of every Red Sox / Yankees game this weekend. My rooting interest is that the Red Sox just get swept and end up out of contention for the wild card. Two things from this series:

1) The super slo-mo cam they use on replays is awesome. It's unreal how still the batters are when the swing.

2) 20x20 Alex and I went to lunch on Friday and we were watching the game. I made some comment about Jason Giambi's new 70's porn stache. And 20x20 Alex asked why Giambi's hair is always greasy. Those two observations seem to be related somehow.

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