Friday, August 04, 2006

8/4/06 Work Friendly

On Wednesday I saved a site called For offices like mine that block quite a few websites, it downloads the text of the website and makes it look like a Word document. Well, I tried it again today and the site is blocked. Ugh.


There's a market in the complex where I live. I tend to grab some fruit (and coffee) there in the morning for breakfast. This morning, right behind me in line, was a young mother with her 2 kids. The girl must have been about 9 and the boy about 7. The guy working behind the counter asked if they wanted their food to eat outside or if they wanted to bring it home. Almost simultaneously, the girl said "outside" and the boy said "home". In stride, without hesitation, the mom calmly says, "Alright. Roshambo." The kids (as if this was a daily routine) turn away from each other a few feet apart, back to back, as if they were about to duel. The mom says, "Ready. Go." The boy turns around with scissors and the girl has paper. It was decided. They were going to eat at home. The girl was pretty upset. Upset in the way you get upset after throwing the game winning, walkoff homerun to Big Papi. But she didn't complain. Roshambo resolves all. When I have kids, we're resolving all fights with Roshambo. And if that doesn't work, we're using Eric Cartman's rules.


Every Friday I get to work and get all excited to read The Sports Guy's mailbag. Then it usually doesn't get posted until 11:00. For readers on the east coast, that's 2:00 pm. The anticipation is brutal. Plus, by 11:00, my morning poop is over and done with. I might have to get Bill on the horn and get him to submit the mailbag the night before.


Whoa. Weird Al is the new Prime Minister of Ukraine!

Actual Headline - Seven Indonesians Do Not Have Bird Flu. Sucks for the rest of them.


Mike said...

If workFRIENDLY is blocked, you can also try

Mike said...

There's also:

If work catches on, there's 42 more @