Thursday, August 17, 2006

8/17/06 Basketball Player Profile

Cousin Jeff returns from Europe and comes back stronger than ever. He sends a Basketball Player Profile generator. I took it this morning when I first woke up and got Chauncey Billups. I suppose that's since, out of all of the things I suck at, I suck at shooting uncontested free throws the least. (Although, at an overly generous 62%, I'm still 30% behind Chauncey in real life.)

My dad sends updated rules for fantasy football.

A: Here’s a sample of your basic NFL player point values:
For each weapon found in player’s car during arrest (1).
If weapon loaded (3).
If loaded weapon is nuclear (5).

(Thanks to both my dad and cousin Jeff for sending links. Since, we all know that recently my mind has been battered with mortar and pestle and I can't post three consecutive coherent sentences anymore.)

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