Friday, August 11, 2006

8/11/06 Fifty-Nine Months Later

First off, The Nacho Expert asked me to put a link to his new blog of random stuff.

Secondly, the ass chewing at work continues. I hope that pretty soon they just chew deep enough and bite into a juicy hemorrhoid. (Can you tell that I'm pissed and grumpy? Yeah. It's gonna be like this for a couple more weeks. You might want to keep your distance from me until Labor Day or so. And no, I don't have hemorrhoids. But given my stress level I might find out what they feel like pretty soon. I need either a nice, stiff drink or a hug. Or both.)

I hear that they're not letting liquids (or gels) onto planes today. So, if air travel doesn't dehydrate you enough already... sorry... no water bottles.

Left handers make significantly more money. I know some lefties that might find that encouraging.

Speaking of southpaws, I am going to go on record and make a sports prediction. Mark Buehrle will come out of his HUGE slump and finish the season strong with an ERA under 3.50 from here on out, leading the White Sox into the playoffs. I'm even going to go as far to say that he'll have one amazing 1-hit, complete game deals. I will also pose a real difficult question - Is Joe Crede better than Robin Ventura in his prime?

The owners of the Cubs are dicks. "Proving that there's as much justice in the justice system as jazz in Utah, an appeals court ruled recently that the Chicago Cubs' ticket-scalping scheme did not violate state anti-scalping laws, despite clearly violating the state's anti-trust law."

I'm a sucker for ancient mystery kind of TV programs and books. Like those "How were the pyramids built?" kind of stories. I know, they're mostly just crap. But, like I said, I'm a sucker. So, I ended up getting stuck on this page of ancient mysteries yesterday. It has everything from Atlantis to the Nazca Lines to Noah's Ark to a bunch of stuff I never heard of until yesterday.

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Frank Thomas said...

Robin Ventura is the best clutch hitter ever.