Thursday, August 03, 2006

8/3/06 Hurricane Season

My dad sends a hurricane simulation. After watching this, I think most people would opt to leave their homes.

I hear from Cousin Lisa maybe once every couple of months. Which is cute, since she's the only person to ask permission to get a link on the website here. She sends a story of a stolen driver's license.

I went a little YouTube crazy today. I found 2 videos that I really liked.

1) The Ding Ding Dong song. (It's sort of not safe for work. I'd opt to open it at home if I were you).

2) The Daily Show's take on Mel Gibson's DUI and the media coverage.


For those interested in the WSOP, Pro Player Pete remains alive in the World Series of Poker main event. I posted earlier that he survived day one and built his stack from 10,000 to 32,500. Since then, I received emails from poker Jason during day 2. The first email said that Pete was down to 14,000. I got a call around 10:45 last night saying that Pete was back up to about 80,000 chips. He survived day 2 with somewhere around 86,000 chips (I forget the exact amount). And there are less than 1200 players remaining. They start getting paid at place 873. Payouts start at over $14,000, with the winner taking home $12 million. So he's doing well and has a healthy chip stack. Also, if you're into reading poker blogs and getting into the minds of the players, here's one for ya. (Articles written by PR are Pro Player Pete's).


Finally (and mercifully), our softball season came to an end. We won 2 games all season, both by forfeit. And this last game was our best, since we didn't get slaughtered. I pitched for the first time in more than a month, since our other pitcher was gone. Much to my surprise, I did well, not walking anyone. We had a 1-2-3 first inning. In fact, we had another 1-2-3 inning in the fifth (we should have had another if it wasn't for an error). It's not like me to brag much, but I made a couple of spectacular defensive plays, including catching one of those comebackers that you can hear cutting through the air. At the plate, I walked, which may have been the first walk our team had all season. We only lost 15-6, which, for us, was a huge moral victory. We'll be back in the fall. And they promised to put us in the lowest league, so hopefully we'll remain competitive and maybe win a game or two.

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