Monday, August 28, 2006

8/28/06 The Files

From the "Let's make a bold prediction" files - It will be cold this winter.

From the "Love what you do. Do what you love" files - Fire fighter charged with conspiracy to commit arson.

From the "Boobies are better" files - China rejects U.S. powdered milk, claiming it is too toxic.

From the "Wiki" files - What do people Wiki? Hint: After Pluto, it's lots of porn (and I ain't talkin' Uranus). *Groan*.

From the "When will he stop talking about complicated music" files - How the Fibonacci sequence applies to the creation of the 12 tone scale. (And why a 19 and 31 tone scale might be the next generation of music).

Finally... From the "My birthday's coming up and I'm only here to help" files - This chair is the greatest invention ever.

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