Saturday, February 12, 2005

2/12/05 The Future

According to Nova, there's a black box that can potentially see into the future. The way it works is that it these box spits out random numbers - Just 1's and 0's. On average the 1's and 0's even out and there's an equal amount of both. If you read the article, there were large anomalies where there was a great difference between the 1's and 0's. One time this occurred was as the terrorists were about to board the flights on 9/11. The other time is the day before the tsunami hit. If anyone knows more about this, I'd be interested to read about it because it seems pretty far fetched, but it's also very intriguing.

Since I posted something serious, here's something really cute. I haven't posted enough cute things recently. Or ever, for that matter.

I also haven't posted enough cool things. So here's something that's pretty cool to watch. Ok, it's only cool for maybe 30 seconds, so don't get all excited.

Would your mom like to make $10,000? Maybe she'd like to try out for this documentary.

Do you know IM lingo? GLYASDI.

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