Friday, February 04, 2005

2/4/05 What you really think

Harvard University has a few short tests online called Project Implicit. It's a real neat way to see how your mind associates certain ideas. For example, they hypothesize that westerners associate youth with good and old with bad. The short tests let you see how your mind works. It's pretty fascinating if you have a few minutes.

Anderson County, Tennessee has a 24/7 live webcam of their jail. So far all I've seen is the person at the front desk doing some work.

Don't you wish someone would put Simon from American Idol in his place? Well, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog did a pretty good job.

Alright, I think I found the hardest riddle ever. More than 1,300,000 have tried solving the riddle since August 2004 and as of today, only 28 have succeeded. With internet help, I got to level 6 and gave up. It's like nothing I've ever seen, and my guess is that the majority of people who try it will give up within five minutes or less.

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