Monday, February 21, 2005

2/21/05 Mahna Mahna

After weeks of searching, I finally found a copy of the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper commercial. Do doo do do do.

I found two funny things on EBay today.
1) Check out this guy's response to positive feedback.
2) Check out what this chick is selling (safe for work). People wonder why I'm not dating while living in Orange County. Hopefully this might explain my reasons. The current top bid for a 1 hour dinner date with her is $14,999. Plus the expense of the date.

Cousin Eric sends the brainteaser of the week - Petals Around the Rose. If you've never seen it before it's fun to figure out.

I need help with a dream interpretation. From what I remember a squirrel was biting my leg because I had his toy. Immediately after, a rabbit was biting the same leg because he wanted the apple I had in my pocket. The apple was green and it was my right leg. And I gave my apple to the rabbit.

Please feel free to post any ideas in the Comments section below.

From a dream dictionary, here's what I have so far:

Apple -
A favourite or something you desire, apple of your eye
Bad apple, the bad one, the trouble causer within a group
Something that is neat, orderly or organized, apple-pie order
Upsetting the apple cart; halting the progress of something, causing disruption
Wholesomeness and vitality, apple a day

Squirrel -
Being highly efficient, productive or industrious
Moving too fast
Planning, saving or providing for the future
Hiding something or putting it in a safe place, squirreling away
A person that is skittish, unpredictable or difficult to handle

Rabbit -
Indecision, hopping from one thing to another
Needing to slow down, take time to smell the rose
Fertility, procreation
Abundance, prosperity
Nervousness, vulnerability, fear, skittishness
Childlike cuddliness
Luck, a rabbit’s foot
Needing to eat more whole, raw foods, rabbit food

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