Thursday, February 17, 2005

2/17/05 NBA All Star Weekend

All Star games pretty much suck. I seriously doubt I've offended anyone by making that statement. The players don't want to be there, but they go in order to avoid a PR fiasco. Nobody really tries and the outcome doesn't matter. In my opinion, out of all of the sucky all star events, basketball's is probably the best. In order to quickly defend my opinion, let's focus on the four major sports - Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey. Nobody I know really follows hockey, and since the season is cancelled, they can't have the best all star game. Football's all star game is after the season is over and it's in Hawaii every year. Nobody really watches that game either and the players' only reason to go is the free trip to Hawaii. Baseball's all star game is pretty lame, since pitchers can't go more than 3 innings and just about every starter is out by the 4th inning. The homerun contest used to be a little fun when they didn't test for steroids, but those fun and games are over. Which leaves us with basketball. The 3-point contest is usually pretty entertaining. The dunk contest was fun about 18 years ago when Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins were going head to head. And if you've ever wanted to see a game with a score of 187-164, the Rookie Challenge is for you. The reason I write this long rant is to present ESPN's Sports Guy's Ten Ways to fix All-Star Weekend. My favorite idea is a game of H-O-R-S-E.

And while I'm talking about The Sports Guy, here are some of his ramblings. Included are:
- "Don't you wish there were odds on this Michael Jackson trial, just so we could wager on things like "6-to-1 that one of the Culkins will be a mystery witness for the prosecution"?"
- "If the Doug Christie jersey is the perfect gift for that one buddy who's a little too whipped, shouldn't the Freddie Mitchell jersey be the perfect gift for that annoying co-worker who talks too much and doesn't pull his weight? Freddie needs to enter our everyday language, as in, "Yeah, we finally fired him, he had a little too much Freddie Mitchell in him." Or, "Don't take him seriously; he's the Freddie Mitchell of our office.""
- "I have to be the only person who spent 45 minutes on Google trying to figure out how to download the "NBA on CBS" theme on my cell phone."

I played the Revamped Ball Game again (the same one from yesterday that I said I'd never touch again), and this time I beat it. There's only, oh, 100 or so levels. Yes, I have way too much free time.

From the "Jetson's" files - Scientists have invented a Mood Sensitive Car that keep the driver happy and alert.

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