Wednesday, February 02, 2005

2/2/05 Let the Healing Begin

I actually had a thought today. Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but I did. And my thought is that the nation has finally healed from 9/11. I made this decision based on the media coverage lately. It seems like we're finally back to the days where a Michael Jackson trial is now making the headlines. We should be relieved that Ashlee Simpson's suck-dom makes the front page of the paper. There hasn't been such celebrity crap on TV since the pre-9/11 days. So next time you get pissed at the crap on TV, remember, healing is good. Ok, thought's over.

A big thanks to Mike for sending a great clip of MatisYahu, the Jewish Rapper/Reggae guy.

Did you catch the 90-foot, buzzer beater in a college basketball game? Here it is. And here's a neat video of the kid after the game. I just called a college athlete a kid. Damn, I'm old.

Fifty ways you know you're an asshole. #23. You try to join a cappella groups to get chicks. #34. You use AIM expressions in normal conversations, i.e. lol or brb. #38. You've heard people refer to you with the word 'sketchy' as a prefix to your name.

Do you have a corrupt mind? Don't open this at work. Unless you work with a bunch of little kids. Then I guess it's ok. You'll see what I mean. Except if you're at work. It's actually questionable when it comes to workplace appropriate. I mean, I'd probably open it. When I was working, that is. But then again, there may be a correlation here between my employment status and the things I used to do at work.

Thank you to the 12 people who clicked on ads yesterday. I guess it really does work. And somehow I actually earned 70 cents for the 12 clicks. Trust me, this wasn't about the money. BUUUUUT... Now that I think about it, at the 5.83 cents per click, I could maybe remain unemployed if that number increased to 1200 a day. Ok, it's probably closer to 12,000, but still, a man can dream, right? Do you think we could start a campaign? If we could somehow get a few extra clicks (special conversion: "few" = 10,000,000), and I'd buy a big house where was all could live happily and frolic in nachos.


Michael said...

FYI, Google has already invested a considerable amount of time and money into determining when ad clicks are fraudulent. Evidentally companies overseas would sit people in front of computers all day long to click on ads. Sorry.

Mister Abrams said...

The a capella one (#23) kinda hurts...It may have started like that but it didn't end like that!