Thursday, February 24, 2005

2/24/05 No Pants Day

Friday, May 6th is No Pants Day. I think they need a slogan. And I bet we could come up with something. Like,
- "No Pants Day - Feel the Breeze". (Submitted by: yours truly)
- "No Pants Day - Let it all Hang Out". (Submitted by: Elizabeth)
- "No Pants Day - Let's get crackin'." (Submitted by: Elizabeth)
- "No Pants Day - Your Hole or Mine?" (Submitted by: Elizabeth)
- "Come one, Come all to No Pants Day" (Submitted by: me)
- "Unzip a No Pants Day" (Submitted by: ok, that's my last one)

Ours are really lame, I know. So please, submit some better ones in the comments section below.

Speaking of slogans - Here's a Slogan Generator. This could possibly be helpful.

May 6th is No Pants Day!

Check out the OneLook Reverse Dictionary. Once you do, can you explain it to me? I sorta get it. But then again, I don't.


Anonymous said...

How about - "No pants fever. Catch it!"

Brad Hague said...

Pants are for Pussies