Sunday, February 27, 2005

2/27/05 Earth Magnetic Field Reversal

I think I may have posted something a year or so ago about the Earth Magnetic Field Reversal. According to NASA and other scientists, the magnetic field continues to lessen, which has historically been indicative of a pole reversal. This article talks about some potential consequences of this impending reversal.

I guess someone, somewhere, thought this would be funny to make. Lame.

Today I'm in complete agreement with Bill Gates. He says today's high schools are completely obsolete. "Only a fraction of our kids are getting the best education," Gates said. "Once we realize that we are keeping low-income and minority kids out of the rigorous courses, there can only be two arguments for keeping it that way: Either we think they can't learn, or we think they're not worth teaching. The first argument would be factually wrong. The second would be morally wrong."

Are they going to televise the Saddam Hussein trial? They say he's going to be locked up in a cage during the trial. Just like Hannibal Lecter.

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