Friday, February 25, 2005

2/25/05 Taco Tuesday

One of the bonuses I've experienced while living in Southern California is that every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday. Tacos are half price just about everywhere they're served. Some guys bought 99 tacos at Del Taco this past Tuesday. In college I think I might have been up for the challenge to beat it.

I never watched Barney growing up. The biggest reason is that I was about 14 years old when he was popular. I really don't know anything about Barney (except that he's purple), but I had NO idea that he's a gangsta.

Here's a follow up to the singing Dutch Kid - Numa Numa Yay. I don't really understand why this got hugely popular recently. But I don't understand most trends, so I recommend never taking my advice on "what's cool".

Have you ever wondered what tests were like in the 1800's? Me neither. But here's an example from a school in Kansas from 1895. It's pretty tough - especially for 8th grade.

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