Sunday, February 20, 2005

2/20/05 Addicting Games

Believe it or not, I've actually been busy this weekend. I know, it's not my style to run around all weekend, but I decided to shake things up for a change of pace.

This will help explain why all I have for today is a few addicting games. I suppose this will serve some people well on a lazy Monday back at work.

Game 1 - Max Breakout. It's probably my least favorite of the three. It's like Atari's Breakout, but not. If you play it, you'll see what I mean.

Game 2 - The Box 3. It's like the old MS-DOS game Nibbles, but instead of a snake, you're a little box being chased by a big box. It's more fun than I just described.

Game 3 - Squares 2. Had I thought this out, I would have made Game 2 be Squares 2 and Game 3 be The Box 3. But I don't feel like changing it now. This game is sort of similar to The Box 3, but instead of using the arrow keys, you use your cursor. Black boxes are your friends. Red boxes are not.

I did learn one thing - That Judaism has rules for chewing gum.

And finally, you can search the internet by file type (ie. JPG, MP3, etc.) using

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