Tuesday, February 22, 2005

2/22/05 Paris Hilton's Phone Book

Ok. I'm not a huge celebrity follower. But, here it is. Paris Hilton's hacked phone book. I'm sure by now every number has been changed.

You know you never go to the library. Now you have an excuse. Classic Literature is now available at Online-Literature.com. I know for a fact that George Orwell's "1984" is available in its entirety.

Mobile PC Magazine lists its Top 100 Gadgets of All Time. The Pez Dispenser, Rubik's Cube, The Lite Brite, Speak and Spell, the Clapper, and the I-Pod all made the list.

College Humor posts the Biggest Overreactions in Pop Culture History. First on the list:
Goonies - Troy, the son of a man who is about to tear down the Goonies’ parents house, tries to murder one of the Goonies by pushing him off of a cliff. This is apparently because said Goonie is riding a bike that is too small for him. And it’s a girl’s bike.

Thank you to everyone who has called and/or emailed with concerns about my ability to swim and the waterproof qualities of my laptop. Yes, Los Angeles has had more rain recently than Seattle or San Francisco. But I'm fine. In comparison, the average summer in Guadalajara, Mexico has 30 inches of rainfall. As of Monday, Los Angeles has had 32.03 inches this winter. Plus, I told my mom I'd wear a suit this week. That way if I die in a mudslide, there's no need to buy another suit for the funeral. I decided to help streamline the body to casket process. She said to remember clean underwear and that nobody would recognize me in a suit since I normally dress like a shlub. It's good to know my mom can appreciate my wacked out sense of humor.

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